e0091750_1331210.jpgat a certain bar with Alex & Tina in Vancouver ^^

(oh my fierce-looking...)
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***I changed the title of my blog just a little ('-'*)
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Frozen World


  Guess where I am?

I'm at Winnipeg in Manitoba Province~~
Yesterday I came here from Banff, Alberta by bus.
It took over 24 hours to reach here...then I got an early cold now (-.-;)
The tempreture is -17c everyday. Sometimes it's going under -30c...(and a hosteler said tomorrow it will be like that...mmm)

  During I was on the bus, I through Saskatchewan Province as well.
There is...just SO FLAT ground spreading all around the Province!! and just I had been seeing flat flat scenery all day.
Sounds bored? NO~NO~~(* ̄ー ̄) at least, for me, it was very interested.
All I could see was completely frozen white world.
There were no defenition between sky and ground. Every Street, Light, and Sign seems being lining up streighten for North and South as they coutinue endless.
Aren't they sort of Art? (^-^)
That's really beautiful & moving to me...

  Then, Winnipeg, I thought here is also just flat area, but it was abusolutely wrong in fact.
Here, winnipeg is much nicer place than I expected.
There are mixed urban and tradition, English and French cultures, some parts have Italian or European atmosphere as well.
There are diamond dusts around everywhere and they are always shining, decolating entire world.
Flankly I was wonderd whether I would sleep at Winnipeg or not at first, but now I can say I did good dicision! I hope I could visit here in Summer some day.

  Well, Im going to take a bus to Ottawa tonight. It takes almost 2 days...must makes me so tired(-_-;)
Please pray for me for my good luck!
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  Long time no see~~
Now I'm in Beaverton city in Oregon state, U.S., stay at one of my father's old friend's house(so complecated to explain....(^-^;))
Sorry about there are no pictures here for now...coz I'm not sure how to use his picture editor.
I promiss someday I'll update some photos^^

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God Breath


  You know what?
Last Decenber I had a dream without closing eyes...absolutely, I've cherished this day-dream so far, since when I was a little girl.

  On Dec.7th~10th in the last year, I went to Yellowknife where is located in Northwest territory, Canada to see Aurora Borealis.
I've no idea how I can put my moving into words...that scenery beyonded any expressions what human can explain by words.
Aurora took our voice & mind off when it showed up into the deep sky.
Even though time has already passed for almost 2 month since then, sometimes I'm dreaming 'Hey, look up the sky!! There is Aurora in Vancouver!!' behind my eyes(of course it is just my imagination).

  The place, Yellowknife, was soooo cold, especially at the night time the tempreture is always under -25℃. Everything's in that place covered with powderly bright snow that I can't make even a snowball with.
When at night, any sounds are also covered with deep snow...only we can hear our own footsteps. That was a sort of uncanny sight.
This great natural environemt gave birth the beautiful scenery, the spirit of mutual helpfulness among people who live there, and Aurora Borealis.

  Nobody knows about whether The Father exists (or existed) in this world or not.
(of cource Christians and many people believe his existence, though)
But I cant help but think about there were a sort of special existence when the Universe was born.

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               嬉しくて 嬉しくて 言葉にできない

              (Song by 小田和正「言葉にできない」)

 pronounciation: anata ni aete hontou ni yokatta
              ureshikute ureshikute kotoba ni dekinai

      meaning: I've been glad to know the person like you.
              I can't put this exuberance of joy into any words...
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Unforgettable days


  The half days in January has already passed, like an arrow.
Today I happened to count the rest days of my life in Vancouver. Then...I realized that I just have less than 2 weeks.
There were lots of days for me when I came to Canada at first.
But, where had my days gone?? When did the time go by??
Time flies faster as long as people feel joyful than they feel painful...That's not fair.(T_T)

  Although I have many things to do for travel, also for going back to Japan within a few days, I don't feel like doing those work....
That's so sad to me to think about 'My days in Canada are going to be over'.
Even I'm still living here in Vancouver, I'm missing this place(;_;)
But...I need to prepare not only my baggege but also my mind for leaving here with Big Smile.

  "Not good to have lots of beautiful things? Because I'm scared to lose them"

  One of a Japanese singer sings these words. Sometimes I feel sympathy to her, but it might be wrong.
I should be strong. shouldn't I ?
I don't wanna cry in front of my friends, my co-workers at the last day when I'll be able to see them.

  But... sorry, I'm alredy gonna cry(T△T)

  I'm sure I never forget about these beautiful scenerys, many wild animals what I see everyday in this city,
all tresured memories and irreplaceable friends...

                 * * * * * * * *

  We can believe the blue water allows us to connect each other forever.
Even we live in different countries, even if we can't see each other any more...
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Dead or Alive (LOL)

  On the 13th & 14th of January, I went to Whistler for skiing & snowboarding♪
Of course, with that crazy funny members...kkk
I love them all~(^-^*) It's one of my precious times when we are kidding each other.
However during this trip, they spoke Korean almost all conversations...(o_ _)o
But curiously, sometimes I felt I could catch their topics a little gradually.
Probably I'm gonna be a real Korean...? kkk awesome ☆
I hope I can muster Korean Language someday(^-^*)
Of course English, too!!

  Here we go~and see ☆ these crazy photos^^



・Beautiful landscape~^^

・I still had room in my heart until this time...You'll see how I changed later...

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(Korean)Nong dam ma se yo= don't make kidding

Usually I rarely drink a lot, so I'm not sure it's really hangover or not.
Hope it's not the beginning of acute alcoholic poisoning ...(sweat;)
Light headache, heart beating, and...I feel like my body hurts everywhere.
Anyway, it's better to take a shower!

  Yesterday I had a New Years Party with regular member♪
(Nowadays there are always same member in my diary. Looks nothing change from past days(^-^;))
Well, sometimes it's good and funny, eh?
As usual, we spoke each other with 50% English, 40% Korean and 10% Japanese as well.
They memorized many off-the-track vocabulary(almost all are for kidding)...who's the teacher?? lol
I can't cansel each other,however σ(-w-@)

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Reunion, reunion, reunion !!


  It's been so long to see Alex since she went to her hometown for cerebrate Christmas holidays♪
Though, she just came back to work(^-^)
She is tall, also she is really beautiful.
Nowadays she is getting thin day by day...so getting more beautiful!
Seems like a Hollywood actress...wow

  She hasn't gone back to her grandpa & grandma's house in Oregon, U.S for a while,
Then this time she saw a black cat that they have as their pet.
Her name is....MY FIRST NAME !! Holy cow!
Of course her gramdparents don't know about me anything, even my existence. What a freak chance(゚_゚;)
Alex loves cats so she took lots of the cat's photos and showed me.
She said 'I really wanted to take her to my apartment!'. Sounds a little bit scarely...(-д-;)sweat sweat
Addition, my first name is quite common around South America.
(She also said this name is common among Shaman...Shaman??)
If i went to South US, far side of Japan, then could I met many people who have my name?? Wired...

  Then I also saw Tina & Tina's funny cute older brother for ages(^w^)
I couldn't help beeing brusting out becouse he was jumping (dancing?) everywhere outside. kkk
They are always cute... Heartwarming guys~(´ー`)
He & Tina's boyfriend helped us to clean up & close our store. Thank you guys☆
I really think we need men as our co-worker...oh men!

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